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Hey I'm Miranda and I'm addicted to Starbucks, EDM, White boy rappers and expensive things.

So I have this relative who beads sunglasses and high heels and calls herself a “designer” and calls them her “originals” :/ they are not originals unless you actually design the glasses and shoes like other designers do. You’re just gluing beads on other brands hunny.. Lol I sound like such a bitch but she is amazingly talented and all buuuut I just had to let it out

I had the best day today. Even though our date night failed and I didn’t get my phone yet I’m still happy cause dj makes the worst situations better. I love the way our friendship grew and is growing stronger everyday. It’s so nice to actually have a friend who’s there to talk to you when you need them. I’m just thankful I met him :D

Dj went to work and left me with his credit card and said to get a new phone or whatever I want 😳